1.  Test your backup.  Getting all your data backed up is definitely key.  But, with all the attacks that are happening, have you tested it lately?  Don’t wait until you have to invoke a backup to see if it works.  You should be testing on a regular schedule.  If you’re not comfortable testing your backup, let’s talk.

2.  Make your environment available 24/7 without a cumbersome or risky process.  Everyone in your company should be able to work from anywhere at any time without having to close down programs and move unfinished documents.  Companies that are taking advantage of the latest technology are saving every employee upwards of 10 hours a month.  Cumulatively, that is considerable and it may not cost any more than what you’re paying today for Citrix licenses and management.

3.  Update your security roadmap.  87% of C-suite executives and board members do not have confidence in their company’s level of cybersecurity preparedness.  Security intersects every aspect of IT.  Are you confident that you have best in class safeguards in place?  Have you tested your vulnerability?  Did you know there are affordable options to outsource your security management?  Doing nothing is a huge business and career risk in today’s world.

4.  Update your communications system to support more than just voice.  The phone system manufacturers are merging, filing bankruptcy and going out of business.  Putting a phone system in a closet in your office is not the future.  Cisco and Mitel, the two largest remaining manufacturers just made huge investments acquiring cloud system leaders.  Would your clients/members like to contact you by email, chat, text and social?  In many cases, you can upgrade to a cloud-based, secure, redundant
service and be able to enhance your business and your client experience for about what you pay for circuits, usage, and systems maintenance today.

5.  Control your mobility spend and secure the mobile access to your network.  Wireless providers are constantly changing their service plans which causes great confusion and rising expenses.  Have you optimized your plans lately?  The savings generated can often allow you to implement the latest mobile device management systems which now offer enhanced security and device tracking options.  Most organizations are seeing these expenses increase but forward-looking companies are getting these expenses under control and locking down their environment.

6.  Incorporate SD-WAN. 
Software is driving the innovation engine in the networking world to make the network more agile, flexible and less expensive.  The concept of hub and spoke is becoming less relevant.  Today, every user, whether remote or office-based, is connecting to many different environments.  Have you updated your network for today’s environment?   Options are available to eliminate your router and firewall and use software to provide you visibility and management of your entire network in a single pane while offering your users more bandwidth, redundancy, and a better experience.

7.  Accelerate your cloud roadmap.  Much like the communications manufacturers moving their investments to the cloud, the server/
compute manufacturers are doing the same.  Are you still spending your time managing licenses, patching, monitoring devices?  Or, are you focused on leveraging technology to drive your business?  Today, every organization no matter the size has access to all the latest technologies via the cloud.  No longer does the price of entry preclude all but the largest in each industry from having the best technology.  With cloud-based pay per user models, your cost is only proportionate to your needs.  Forward-looking organizations are leveraging the new cloud compute model to aggressively boost their growth.  Are you?

CTA works objectively with over 150 service providers across disciplines such 
cybersecurity, cloud computing, backup and recovery, unified communication as a service, mobility, conferencing and collaboration, data center, bandwidth and voice and data networks. We can find the right service provider to meet any need.  If you're curious whether the above technologies are a fit for your organization, give us a call.  Our consulting is free of charge. To engage with our experts, schedule an appointment by calling 530-723-6150 or emailing info@comprehensive-tel.com.

Below are the top 7 initiatives among Comprehensive Telecom Advisors' forward-looking clients.  Are these in your 2021 plan?  CTA may be able to help you accomplish all of these things without increasing your current total IT spend.  

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