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​Is the Cloud right for your business? Which systems in your business belong in the Cloud and which do not? Which providers should you invest in and how do you make the transition? These are all questions that Comprehensive Telecom Advisors can help your IT and financial teams determine and take your business to the next level quickly and securely.​​

Cloud Services:
The Cloud is more than a buzzword…it’s an epic shift in business efficiency and leverage. We’re experts in transitioning legacy systems to the Cloud and can help your business:

  • Create a TCO Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Procure the Best Cloud Providers
  • Transition from Legacy to Cloud Platforms

Cloud Experience With The Following Verticals:
Automotive, Financial, Hospitality, Real Estate, SMB, Logistics, Enterprise, Retail, Healthcare, Insurance, Government, Education, Software

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity:
Hackers, cyber-terrorists, natural disasters and manmade disasters are no match for the Cloud.  Consolidate your hardware infrastructure or become completely hardware independent with a virtual disaster recovery and business continuity solution.  With the right partner, you can centralize your recovery plan in a seamless, secure redundant environment at a fraction of the cost of tradition disaster recovery on-premise solutions. 

Unified Communications as a Service & Collaboration:
Allow on-site and remote users to collaborate seamlessly between devices and platforms with Unified Communications. VoIP, mobility, video-conferencing, instant messaging, bring-your-own device (BYOD), collaboration, and presence technologies can all work together seamlessly in the cloud…with the right solution and implementation.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS):
Reduce IT complexity, obsolescence, and costs by moving your IT infrastructure to a virtual environment.  Virtualizing your colocation, disaster recovery, and storage infrastructure in public, private or hybrid Clouds can make organizations more manageable, secure, and scalable at a much lower cost.  

Desktop as a Service (DaaS):
Embrace a mobile workstyle by utilizing the Cloud to access business applications and desktops on any device and in any location.  DaaS eliminates the need for software maintenance and makes purchasing and managing workstations simple and fast.  No need to manage servers or hardware, and obsolescence becomes a thing of the past in the right DaaS ecosystem.

IT as a Service (ITaaS)
Focus your time and budget on IT strategy by migrating your more tactical IT responsibilities to the Cloud.  ITaaS means your helpdesk, security, software updates, mobile device management, monitoring and management can all be managed by trained specialists in the Cloud.  ITaaS reduces capex, puts transparency around your financials and ensures predictability around cash flow.  

Is Your Business Ready for the Cloud?

The Comprehensive Telecom Advisors Free Cloud Readiness Assessment will go over the following:

  • How to Access the Cloud if Your Internet Fails.
  • What to do to Increase Connectivity and Performance.
  • Answers to Cloud Security Concerns.
  • How to Protect Your Data in the Cloud.
  • Cloud Migration Strategies.
  • How Cloud Computing Will Help You Get More from Your Existing Hardware.
  • And More!

​To get started, simply click here to securely request your free Cloud Readiness Assessment, or call us TODAY at 530.723.6150!

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